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Athletic Development 

Jacksonville is full of athletes of all levels that range from the elite and professional  to  first timers. Regardless of experience, athletic development at the Center for Health and Sports Medicine can help you commit to developing your sport-specific skill.. Runners, ball players, and sport-enthusiasts alike want to enhance performance. With our team of trainers and coaches, we can create a program that is specific for your desired sport and fitness goals.

Sport Specific Programs

Not every individual or athletefunctional-training-20-1080x675 is the same, much like not every sport can be trained in the same way. Our team of professional coaches and trainers prepare our clients, both young and old, in their specific sport goals.  Whether it is to improve strength, muscular endurance, develop fundamental movement skill, improve change of direction speed or agility, RISE  looks to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. RISE programs provides you specific exercises and guidance to attain the most benefit to their individual needs for a specific sport.

Running & Endurance Medicineshutterstock_106459166

Between our expertise (both from a sports medicine background and personal experience) in endurance medicine and our extensive clinical testing, our runner’s clinic provides the most efficient way of preparing a perfected plan for runners. With the use of VO2 Max testing, Metabolic Rate testing and Gait analysis, we can guide all levels of runners toward attaining the most productive technique and efficient style possible

Sports Nutrition

Most athletes shutterstock_154843352understand the importance of training regularly, but miss the importance of nutrition and diet to enhance such training. Our team looks to manage your nutritional intake, specific to their goals. We can coordinate your training program with a diet plan that will work hand-in-hand to accomplish these goals. Young athletes especially may not understand the significance of a well-balanced diet, and this can lead to problems such as runner’s anemia, stress fractures and poor performance in play. We want to prevent these problems and enhance performance continually during your training.