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Advantage of Coming to Our Facility

Our process is one of a kind, uniquely combining the fields of sports medicine, athletic development, sport specialization, and exercise physiology to provide strategies to help our athletes reach their goals.

  • Sports Medicine – our strategy allows you as an athlete to succeed by employing evidence based approaches and the most up-to-date research to create a foundation for athletic success.  This strategy is founded in the fusion of functional movements, injury prevention, proper diet, structured exercise and restful sleep. It can be personalized to any goal you want achieve.
  • Performance and Exercise – by studying your movement patterns and assessing your personal biomechanics, we promote correct fundamental movement to increase strength, speed and agility, while at the same time preventing injuries.
  • Movement and Rehabilitation – our athletic training background allows us the ability to incorporate corrective exercises into your program, essentially performing therapy on your weaknesses throughout the course of your program.  This keeps small problems from becoming bigger ones, and it allows the continuity of your program without the slowdown commonly seen with injuries.
  • Exercise physiology – our exercise physiologist ties all the disciplines together, then adds nutritional guidance, specific exercise programming, and tips for restful sleep and managing stress.  All of this is factored into the timeline of your personalized athletic development plan.