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RISE Athletic Development Programs


($100/month with a 1-year commitment, our MiniPlan is $400 for 3 months)

This is our premier program, a yearlong program that is personalized for you throughout the course of the year. We create in season and out of season training schedules to ensure optimum performance at the right time, while creating a long-term focus for success. This program can be adapted to any sport, and integrates our strength programs, speed and agility programs.   Furthermore, this program gives you a foundation for long-term development with the additional focus on proper nutrition, supplementation, sleep, injury prevention, and recovery techniques.


Speed and Agility Workshop

($150/month or $400 for 3 months)

Our speed and agility workshops focus on the development of speed, change of direction and reactive agility training. These concepts can be used to enhance performance in almost every sport. The program also gives you feedback on functional movement and corrective exercises to ensure proper mechanics and prevent injury.


Strength Workshop

($150/month or $400 for 3 months)

We offer beginner-to-advanced level resistance training, utilizes body weight and free weight resistance to develop strength and power. Our programs are personalized based on your individual goals. Additionally, we incorporate functional movements and corrective exercises to enhance your performance and prevent injury.



($249 for complete package, $199 for any 3 tests, $129 for any 2 tests)

If you want to know the science behind what you are as an athlete, our BodyScience is for you. This program allows us to measure cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2max), lean body mass and body fat percentage (using DEXA), resting metabolic rate, personal biomechanics, and functional movements. All of these can be used to enhance athletic performance or health, by creating a baseline to develop plans for improvement.   This program can be combined with any of our other programs and is included in the AthletiCare program.


Remote Coach

($50/month with a 1 year commitment, BodyScience can be added for $150)

The RemoteCoach program allows us to design a personalized program that you can take and perform away from our facility. The program design begins with our staff performing a functional movement and postural assessment. Then, using an application on your phone or tablet, we track and alter your program as you enter your workouts when you perform them. Monthly, we revise your program based on the input you’ve given and the goals you’ve outlined at the start of the program.

Athletic Development Program Classes

($100/month-3 days a week- no commitment)

($80/month-2 days a week- no commitment)

($50/month-1 day a week- no commitment)

These classes are offered to all individuals ages 10-19yrs of age. They are offered between the times of 3pm-6pm. Each athlete will have a functional movement screening done prior to the start of the program. These classes can be geared toward speed and agility, strength and power, or restore/rehabilitation based on their individual functional movement screening.