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Athletic Development Programs

($100/month-for ages 10-19 years)

We create in season and out of season training schedules to ensure optimum performance at the right time, while creating a long-term focus for success. These programs can be adapted to any sport, and integrate strength, speed and agility, injury prevention and recovery/rehabilitation.   Furthermore, these programs give you a foundation for long-term development with the additional focus on proper nutrition, supplementation, sleep, injury prevention, and recovery techniques.

Our speed and agility programs focus on the development of speed, change of direction and reactive agility training. These concepts can be used to enhance performance in almost every sport. The program also gives you feedback on functional movement and corrective exercises to ensure proper mechanics and prevent injury.

Strength training programs are offered from beginner-to-advanced level. They include resistance training, which utilizes body weight and free weight resistance to develop strength and power. Our programs are personalized based on your individual goals. Additionally, we incorporate functional movements and corrective exercises within these to enhance your performance and prevent injury as well.

Athletic Development Program Classes

All our athletic development programs take place in a group setting with 5-10 individuals within each group/class. These classes are offered to individuals ages 10-19 years of age. They are offered between the times of 3 pm-6 pm, with the exception of summer. Each athlete will have a functional movement screening done prior to the start of the program. These classes can be geared toward speed and agility, strength and power, or restore/rehabilitation based on their individual functional movement screening. Each class will incorporate a group of individuals with a similar program and age. Classes meet either 2 or 3 times a week for 1 month at a time. For maximum results we recommend a 3 month commitment.