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Physicians are focused on developing health care as it pertains to the overall health of a family


Family Medicine 

Our family physicians provide patient centered care, which is comprehensive and continuous for persons of all ages throughout their life.  Additionally, the care our family physicians provide is also focused on developing health care as it pertains to the overall health of a family.  Our practice involves care for patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatric care, and all persons in between.

Family medicine is also deeply rooted in preventative care.  As many people see family medicine physicians as general practitioners, we see our specialty as a comprehensive approach to preventative care.  We look to educate our patients for the best current practices for prevention, vaccination and screening of different diseases.  Our specialty in sports medicine further augments these principles, by applying a scientific approach to nutrition and exercise, injury prevention and exercise medicine.

Preventative Health

Our core philosophy of prevention begins with your annual physical examination.  During this exam, we review your health history, educate and advise on preventative guidelines, and perform a comprehensive review and exam of each system of the body.

At this time we also discuss strategies for preventing illness and injury throughout the year.  This may include methods to track your dietary intake, establishing healthy exercise habits, and updating any vaccinations which may be due.

At the conclusion of the annual exam, we discuss health based goals for the upcoming year.

Pediatric Medicine

Pediatric care is one of the core foundations of our practice.  One of the joys of family medicine is the continuity we develop with our patients as they develop throughout their life.  We work with parents to care for their children as they develop through elementary, middle and high school, and eventually grow into adults.

The care of our younger patients begins with their annual physical exam.  This visit allows us to work with the child and their patients to make sure their preventative health is up to date. This includes the review of developmental milestones, vaccinations, and nutrition and exercise habits.  We also address age related safety issues and injury prevention related to sports or athletic participation.

Having children of our own, we understand the importance of having accessibility to their physician.   Our schedule is specifically designed for the same day care of children, and our specialty in sports medicine allows us to care for many injuries not normally treated at a general pediatric or family medicine practice.   This includes the evaluation and care for many sports and athletic injuries, such as concussions, sprains, fractures and other injuries.

Chronic Disease Management

Our physicians and providers are committed to providing our patients with chronic disease a whole body approach to care.  In addition to the best practices and current science, we also apply a health based approach to caring for persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol and other common diseases.

We take a health based approach to disease care.  In addition to medically managing your condition, we also look to augment your therapy with lifestyle programs specifically designed for your condition.  This generally includes exercise programs specifically designed for your condition, as well as dietary guidance to improve control of your condition and improve the overall quality of your life.

Acute Care

Is there ever a good time to have something go wrong with your health, or to suffer an injury?  At the Center for Health and Sports Medicine, we have optimized our schedule to be able to get you in and get you problem solved quickly, so you can get back to life as you know it.  Our same day appointments guarantee that you will be seen within 24 hours of contacting the office, and the wide scope of services we offer generally covers most emergencies.

Our physicians and providers are able to evaluate and treat a large range of problems, including cold and flus, sprains and basic fractures, cuts requiring basic suturing, and many other common emergencies.  We have an onsite lab and xray, which enhances our ability to quickly diagnose and treat many common problems.

We also recognize the importance of the cost of health care to our patients.  With our open access scheduling, we are able to get our patients evaluated and treated as the fraction of the cost of visiting an emergency department or urgent care center.  In addition, this process enhances the continuity of care with your physician, allowing more precise long term care.