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Your Personalized Wellness and Fitness Solution


We believe that fitness and exercise are the keys to succeeding in reaching your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Routine exercise has been proven to prevent, as well as reduce, the negative effects of chronic conditions. Our background in sports and exercise medicine gives us the knowledge and experience to help guide you in your fitness and exercise desires, whether it be in prescribing exercise plans, helping with weight management, or developing a personalized all-around wellness program.

Exercise Prescription

Using a brief history and understanding your exercise history and goals, we are able to design a specific plan of exercises or fitness-related activities to help you achieve your objective for a healthy living. Prescribed exercises help to accomplish specific purposes that cater to an individual’s fitness needs. We use your medical history alongside our sports medicine understanding to create a course of action that will be beneficial, as well as enjoyable for those who desire a healthy lifestyle but aren’t quite sure how to achieve one.

Weight Management

As a fitness and wellness driven facility, we understand how important weight management is for many people. At the Center for Health and Sports Medicine, we want to help all our patients who desire to manage their weight do so in a safe and healthy way. We understand that each person is different, and cater our plans to help the individual’s needs. Our medically supervised management plans will make you feel confident, capable, and comfortable with whatever plan you are on,  our team  monitors progress every step of the way to ensure you continue feeling at-ease with the program.

Personalized Health & Exercise Plans

Utilizing our expertise in sports and exercise medicine, our wellness programs help to guide our clients through specific health and exercise plans both for short and long-term improvements. We take training one-step further by providing exercise, dietary, and motivational counselling.  Your individualized plan is unique and important as you are. Whether you are looking to make advances in the gym or improving your home health, we ensure your progress is beneficial and compatible to your needs and desires.