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Group Fitness and Wellness Classes

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Our group classes are designed for serious fun!

Our classes are designed in a small group setting, with a specific purpose in mind. We are here to help you accomplish your goals. Each class is about 60 minutes long and includes stretching both before and after.

Our classes aim to correct your posture, improve your functional health, strengthen your core, improve your range of motion and relieve joint stiffness.

Overview of our most popular classes

  • Our Core class use weight bearing exercises and functional movements involving the hips, trunk and shoulders to improve core stability, balance, agility and dynamic strength.  This class is great for the person looking to improve your weight, decrease your back pain, or enhance your performance in your athletic activities.
  • Our Power program trains you like an athlete, focusing on a combination of compound strength exercises and explosive power exercises.  These are full body workouts that incorporate plyometric movements, power lifting, Olympic lifts and free weight exercises.
  • Intensity is a metabolic circuit training program which combines resistance exercises in a high intensity fashion, keeping your heart rate elevated, while challenging your muscles to their limits. This is a great program for those short on time, and can easily be modified to any skill level.

We also offer Speed and Agility Classes to our Athletes of all ages.

Unlimited classes for $99 a month

Ask our trainers about our weekly and monthly trials.