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Athletic-Development-WebWellness Programs for all clients include the following:

  • Customized Wellness Trial ($150/month no commitment)
    • Includes a postural assessment and functional movement screen used to customized a 1 month personal exercise program.
  • Wellness Program ($99/month for the year)
    • This is our comprehensive, year long program.  This program begins with a full biometric screening, including a functional movement screening, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, and DEXA Scan/Body Composition Testing, If needed a VO2 Max Testing, Gate Analysis Testing can be added for endurance runners or specific athletes that can benefit. Our extensive biometric screening allows us to customize your comprehensive program to prevent injuries, strengthen areas that may be of concern and set you up to reach your goals.  This programs gives you unlimited access to our wellness facility, unlimited classes and use of the MyWellness app for your smartphone or tablet. It also includes a nutritional meal plan and individual exercise plan designed by our experts.
  • RemoteCoach ($50/month or $500 prepaid for the year)
    • The RemoteCoach program allows us to design a personalized program for clients who wish to use their own gym.  This program begins with a postural assessment and functional movement screen, which allows us to design a personalized program using our MyWellness smartphone application to remotely monitor your workouts and provide updated feedback remotely.