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Sports Medicine through a team based approach with evaluation, treatment, conditioning & return to play


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We believe the best way to treat athletes is through a team based approach.  Having on site physical therapy for our athletes allows a better continuity of care from the initial diagnosis with the physician, to evaluation and treatment with the therapist, and even integrating return to play and conditioning with out athletic development programs.

Working with our physicians, our therapists combine several modalities along with functional movement rehabilitation and manual therapy, to bring our athletes back to a high level of care.  Our continuity of care is maximized by having everything under one roof, allowing everyone involved with the care of our patients to better collaborate with each other.

Concussion Clinic

Concussions have come to the forefront recently as a matter of serious concern for all athletes, but especially those competing in high paced, contact sports.  Our physicians are in line with the most up to date science, and we offer in house testing and review of ImPACT, a computer based neurocognitive test, which has become the standard of care in most professional, college and high school sports.

In addition, we offer a concussion rehabilitation program, with the most current methods to rehabilitate the injured brain back to a safe return to play.  Our physicians have significant experience over the last 10 years, treating hundreds of concussions every season