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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Improve Your Run Time

Improve Your Run Time Increase your cadence for a better run time… If you are looking for a way to improve your running time and decrease your risk of injury,…

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Office News/Current Events

Office News   We would like to introduce you to our newest staff member Melissa Sutton PA-C.   Melissa Sutton PA-C is a certified Physician Assistant and also a Jacksonville Native…

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Table Scraps

Table Scraps Following a heart-healthy diet can really impact your health. Half of heart disease deaths in the U.S. are preventable. According to an Emory University study, the leading five…

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Self-Myofascial Release

The Athlete in Me Self-Myofascial Release Stretching is key to any exercise regimen. Without correctly stretching you may be setting yourself up for injury. Here at RISE Wellness we recommend the…

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