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Self-Myofascial Release

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Self-Myofascial Release

Stretching is key to any exercise regimen. Without correctly stretching you may be setting yourself up for injury. Here at RISE Wellness we recommend the self-myofascial release, using a foam roller. This technique is both easy and inexpensive.

The foam roller method has emerged as a common and practical flexibility technique. When you apply external pressure to your muscles with foam rolling you increase vasodilation. This allows the tissue to receive more oxygen and nutrients, while removing byproducts to increase tissue recovery and repair.  You also change the viscosity of your tissues, which will allow better muscle contractions and greater range of motion.

At RISE we recommend foam rolling prior to any form of exercise for 5 to 10 minutes.  You should roll through the length of each muscle group for a minimum of 30 seconds.  When a tender spot is located, it is recommended to hold pressure on that area to diminish trigger point activity.

Rollers are constructed from a variety of different materials and come in different lengths.  We recommend a high density foam roller that can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. For additional detail or demonstration you can visit our location or see our video.

Foam Rolling

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