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Griffin Merchant

Athlete of The Month

We would like to recognize Griffin Merchant as our Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations Griffin on all your hard work! Keep it up.

Griffin is 11 years old and attends school at Patriot Oaks Academy. He currently is a wrestler for River City Wrestling and plays football with CFL Outlaws, where he is a line backer. Griffin started wrestling at the age of 7 and began competing during his first year in Michigan. Over the years he has developed a love for the sport! Griffin learned of our RISE program while playing football this past fall. He joined wanting to get in better shape for the upcoming wrestling season. Since joining RISE Griffin has improved in all aspects of his athleticism. Improving in his strength, vertical jump and agility testing. We are especially proud of his accomplishments throughout wrestling.

2016-17 Wresting

  • Record of 25-23

  • 12 medals for the season

  • Placed 3rd in the State I Own Florida Championship 2017

  • I Own Florida State Champ 2016


"I love my workouts. My trainers are the best, and I can feel myself getting faster and stronger all the time. Pete pushes me to do more every time, and I look forward to going every day. I asked my dad to join, and now we work out together." – Griffin Merchant

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