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George Malone

Athlete of the Month

RISE Wellness Programs would like to announce George Malone as our Athlete of the month. George is 63 years old and has been a member since June of 2016. Since joining our RISE Wellness Programs, Mr. Malone has decreased his body fat by 6% and added 19 lbs of muscle.  His overall fitness has increased dramatically and his metabolism has improved from normal to fast.  He now burns 500 more calories a day at rest. These are results to be proud of! Congratulations Mr. Malone. We look forward to seeing you at RISE, while you continue your workout regimen.

"The Center for Health and Sports Medicine/RISE Wellness Programs' full service training program has been very successful for me. They set up a special program specifically for me, which has helped me reduce my body fat from 27% to 21%. This is a huge personal accomplishment to obtain at 63 years old. I have always exercised and worked out for years but their trainers showed me new techniques and improved on my old ways. They also assisted me with my nutrition and worked with me on a diet plan to go along with my training."

George Malone

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