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Consulting your physician before starting a program, Why or Why not?

Dr. Osborn’s RISE Wellness Programs suggest it’s important to speak with your physician before starting and exercise program.

So, you decided this year that it will be unlike all others because you are going to start and stick with your health goals. These goals include losing weight, looking better and feeling more energized, fitting into that bathing suit, and to, hopefully stop taking certain medications which may become unnecessary as you regain good health. This time, you’re going to just DO IT and get healthy!

To begin this journey the right way, sit down – or, better yet, stand up – at the  computer, and begin your research.  You’re thinking: “Where should I go?” “What type of program should I follow?” “What diet is best for me?” Google will lead you into the seemingly endless abyss of cyber information.

Invariably, most good sites have one piece of advice in common. Before beginning an exercise program, consult with your physician.  Why is this important? What will you gain by a truthful visit with your doctor? And, why is this relevant to you?

Your Exercise Rx


The American College of Sports Medicine has published specific guidelines on assessing and prescribing exercise for patients.  The goal of the Exercise Rx is to encourage a medical-based safe and productive path towards your health goals. These three steps are key:
  • Undergo an assessment to determine your cardiovascular risk. This report will make sure you are safe to exercise. The last thing a physician wants to do is prescribe a drug that may cause you harm. Beginning a program without knowing if heart is ready can do far more harm than good.
  • As you turn your focus to your muscles and joints, make sure they can take the rigors of the exercise you want to do.  It’s required to identify things that may cause injury ahead of time and incorporate corrective exercises into your Exercise Rx.  One of the most frustrating things Dr. Osborn has found is trying to help patients rehabbing an injury that occurred during the exercise program. Identifying these things ahead of time will help you keep on track and pain free.
  • Know we will give you good information on basic principles of exercise and fitness.  “How often should I exercise?” “How do I know if I’m exercising hard enough?” “Should I do weights or cardio?” These are all common questions from my patients, and each has a specific answer and guideline.

Exercise paired with a proper diet is the single greatest tool doctors have to help you maintain good health and even treat disease in some cases. However, like any other prescription, taken incorrectly it can do more harm than good. Remember, a good visit to your doctor is the best first step to ensure the right path to health and wellness. Begin now!

Ross Osborn, MD, is the owner of The Center for Health and Sports Medicine/RISE Wellness Programs, a medical office committed to providing patients with the tools to improve their lives through an evidence-based approach to nutrition and exercise. He has developed RISE Wellness Programs to provide his clients a venue to achieve optimum physical health and reach athletic performance goals by working with fitness experts in the fields of wellness medicine and athletic development.  

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