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Habits to a Healthy Lifestyle

Habits to a Healthy Lifestyle

Changing Habits to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

We all can admit we have habits, some good and others bad. Many of us have tried time after time to create new, better, healthy habits. Some may succeed but others fall back into the same old habits. Those that succeed may find that the key to success is creating lifestyle changes. A lifestyle change is a process that can take time and require support from the individuals around you.

Our environment may also be the deciding factor as to whether a habitual urge does or does not occur. It contributes to whether a good intention to exercise or eat healthy will overcome sedentary and poor eating habits. Modifying your environment to help disrupt current unhealthy habits is important to success. These modifications may help prevent unwanted behaviors and encourage healthy ones.

You should make an attempt to disrupt unhealthy behaviors and ultimately replace these behaviors with healthy ones. For example, the goal of decreasing sedentary activity is synonymous to increasing physical activity. When starting a new exercise program you may benefit from exercising regularly at the same time of the day to form a habit. Choose a place most convenient for you. In regards to eating healthy placing unhealthy food in an inconvenient location may make you less likely to choose that food option first.  See more examples below of modifications to help you change some of your current habits.

Environmental disruptions that create good habits

Sedentary behavior Place exercise clothing on the couch

Put exercise equipment (e.g., stationary bicycle) where you engages in sedentary behavior

Join a gym that is located between work and home

Over-consumption of soda Do not put more than one soda in the refrigerator at a time. Store soda containers in inconvenient and less noticeable locations. Buy single-serving cans rather than one-liter bottles
Over-consumption of alcohol Store alcohol out of sight, such as in a garage refrigerator

Reduce time spent with heavy drinkers

Drink wine in tall skinny glasses to reduce consumption

Snacking Create a pantry that is not near the kitchen or television

Place snacks in single-serving baggies

Pick one single place to snack that is not in front of the pantry or television

Make healthy snacks more noticeable than unhealthy snacks

Overeating meals Leave serving bowls on the stovetop rather than on the dinner table

Reduce the size of dinner plates and bowls


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