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Welcome toThe Center for Health & Sports Medicine

The Center for Health & Sports Medicine is focused on developing long-term patient-physician relationships, built on a foundation of overall health, prevention, and trust. We combine the best practices in primary and preventative care, as well as exercise and sports medicine, to accommodate an array of care needs and fitness targets.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Focused on the four pillars of health





By housing primary care physicians, mental health counselors, and in-house lab results all under one roof, we are able to effectively practice what we preach and provide you comprehensive medical care in a collaborative, goal-oriented manner.

Commitment to Medically Based, Customized Patient Health Plans

In house testing to build each patient action plan

Meal planning

Workout program

Performance and Exercise

By studying your movement patterns and assessing your personal biomechanics, we promote correct fundamental movement to increase strength, speed, and agility, while at the same time preventing injuries. A distinguishing characteristic of our practice is our ability to fully design individualized exercise programs that will serve to enhance your well-being and enhance athletic performance, whether you’re putting it to practice in our wellness center or on the road.

Customized Health Plans

Our exercise physiologist ties all of the disciplines together, then adds nutritional guidance, specific exercise programming, and tips for restful sleep and managing stress. All of this is factored into the timeline of your personalized athletic development plan. Plus, we provide our patients with customized meal plans based on your health goals and tailored specifically to your caloric intake and medical conditions, thereby guaranteeing that your fitness is based on and supported by proper dietary habits.

Individualized 360 Degree Approach to Patient Health

In house collaboration between doctors in all areas of patient health

More access to doctors through wellness or MDVIP programs

Same day appointments

Our strategy allows you as an individual to succeed by employing evidence-based approaches and the most up-to-date research to create a foundation for athletic success. This strategy is founded on the fusion of functional movements, injury prevention, proper diet, structured exercise, and restful sleep. It can be personalized to any goal you want to achieve.

State of the Art Facility

Technogym equipment with 24/7 gym access

Mobile app loaded with each patients custom workout plan

Tracking and accountability within the mobile app

Wearable fitness tracker compatible gym and equipment

To ensure that you can make the most of our support and facility, our office features an on-site wellness center where you can exercise and receive feedback or injury care in real-time. Using our Technogym equipment and keys, not only can you come to exercise any time of day or night, but your work-out times, heart rate, and other biometric measurements are recorded and sent directly to your physician, thus aiding our ability to track your progress and implement adjustments.

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