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Juice Plus+ Complete

Protein Shakes to Keep You Nourished on The Go!

We are well into the Summer now and it is HOT out there. Hydration is the key to staying healthy. Of course we should drink plenty of water but there are many other options available that will keep us hydrated as well as provide nutrition for our bodies. The obvious are fruits and veggies. When we think fruits and veggies they don't always sound appetizing. However, smoothies are a great alternative and you can add protein to make it a meal and keep it light at the same time. When choosing a protein mix there are many different choices. We have chosen Juice Plus Complete as our go to protein powder. It is a plant based protein powder that is available in both chocolate and vanilla. It is low in natural sugar, a great protein source and balanced with nutrients and fiber. All in all it is a perfect solution for a balanced diet on the go through these hot summer months.

During the month of August we will be featuring a daily recipe for smoothies, snacks, and meals made with Complete. Stay tuned to both our Facebook page and blog to receive them.


• 13 grams of protein
• 8 grams of fiber
• Naturally no/low fat
• All natural sweetener blend
• Low-glycemic • Gluten free
• Non-dairy • 100% vegan

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