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Sports Medicine

Powering performance
Empowering athletes.

Our sports medicine services bring together evaluation, treatment, therapy, sports science and performance development in a seamless, team-based approach. Led by our sports medicine physicians, patients can be evaluated, rehabilitated and strengthened from start to finish under one roof. This unique continuity of care provides the ultimate patient-centered recovery.
For those looking for the competitive edge, The Center for Health and Sports Medicine combines the expertise our of sports medicine physicians with our performance lab to offer a scientific approach to training and performance. Backed by data, we provide the tools athletes need to reach the next level in their training. Our experience includes athletes from all levels, including Olympic athletes and local community recreational leagues.

Comprehensive Sports Medicine

We believe in providing a “whole”-istic approach to sports medicine, focusing on diagnosis, rehabilitation, nutrition, testing and training, which keeps our athletes motivated toward a lifetime of comprehensive health and performance. Our facility offers therapy, sports medicine clinics and a state-of-the-art athletic development facility for those looking for improved athletic performance and education.


Having on-site therapy allows for better coordination between our doctors and therapists, ensuring a more integrated and streamlined approach to treatment. Our licensed athletic trainers provide full-service therapy with modalities, manual therapy and exercise training. They work closely with our physicians and Wellness Center for optimal results.

The Ethos Project

The Ethos Project is our comprehensive sports performance program. It includes baseline testing in our Sports Sciences Lab, a sport-specific exercise program, monthly educational seminars and daily classes in our state-of-the-art wellness center. We use TechnoGym equipment – supplier to the Olympics – which integrates the equipment through an app, helping us virtually track our athletes’ performance. This allows us to train our athletes remotely, or modify our programs on-the-fly. Our program takes the guesswork out of your training and instantly connects your performance to our doctors, trainers and coaches.

Sports Medicine Clinics

Concussion Clinics

Our sports medicine physicians offer the most up-to-date science behind the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. These comprehensive concussion clinics combine evaluation, testing, rehabilitation and training to return athletes back to a safe and optimal level of play following a concussion.

Running and Endurance Clinics

Our sports science lab provides testing to improve the performance of runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. Lab offerings include VO2 max testing, metabolic testing, gait analysis and body composition evaluation. Based on this data, we can help outline training programs to improve performance and prevent injury.

Recovery Clinics

After a hard day of training or competition, our recovery clinic is just the thing to get athletes ready to go. Our services include muscle therapy, cold therapy, compression treatment, stretching and manual therapy. We offer a la carte or packaged menus for all our athletes.

Sports Sciences Lab

Our sports sciences lab offers testing to all clients, regardless of their athletic acumen. These tests give our staff the data we need to specifically measure your body’s performance and abilities. Using this information, we create highly individualized performance programs for our clients, based on their specific goals and abilities.
Testing in our lab includes:

VO2 Max Testing

VO2 max testing (also called cardiopulmonary exercise testing, or CPET) is used to measure oxygen intake at maximum effort. It is the gold standard of measuring cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity. It can also help us plan nutritional needs, as it accurately and individually determines caloric burn during exercise. Based on the results, we can develop specific cardiovascular training programs based on an individual’s goal.

Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)

Knowing how many calories you burn is essential for planning for nutritional needs. This testing allows us to specifically design meal plans for our clients to optimize weight, build muscle and burn fat.

Video Gait Analysis

Gait analysis can be used to identify abnormalities, which can be improved to prevent injury and increase performance. Our analysis uses eight different measurements and can be combined with a training program.

Body Composition Testing

Using DEXA, we can measure levels of body fat and lean muscle mass, as well as how it’s distributed throughout the body. With this test, we can monitor an athlete’s progress to make sure the training and nutritional program they are using is progressing them toward their goals.

Comprehensive Athletic Assessment

This combines all the above testing, including an optional consultation with one of our sports medicine physicians to discuss the tests and define how they can help you improve performance.
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