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MDVIP is a national network of primary care doctors who see fewer patients so they can focus on delivering personalized medicine, patient-centered medicine and preventive care that starts with the MDVIP Wellness Program. Dr. Osborn is a certified MDVIP doctor and delivers next-level care to patients who join MDVIP within the Center for Health & Sports Medicine practice.

Appointment Guarantees

Because MDVIP doctors tend to a smaller pool of patients, you’ll not only be guaranteed same or next-day appointments, but you won’t find yourself counting the minutes or hours in a waiting room. With immediate attention that won’t end in a rush out of the exam room, both you and Dr. Osborn will have the opportunity to discuss your health in a one-on-one setting without the stress of time constraints or overlooked symptoms.

After-Hour Care

Medical concerns don’t only surface during the standard office hours of your physician. For your convenience and comfort, MDVIP membership will allow you to directly contact Dr. Osborn after-hours should you have a medical concern or question. If you have an urgent care need, you can rest assured you won’t be left alone, no matter the time of day or night.

Prevention With Your Primary

Did you know that studies have shown patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices are, on average, hospitalized, readmitted, and sent to urgent care clinics less often than traditional patients? This is because MDVIP membership not only allows you to personalize your medical attention, but it provides you with a better opportunity to create a preventive care plan with Dr. Osborn that is customized to your individual needs and medical history.

When Family Comes First

You shouldn’t be the only one to reap the benefits of individualized care. As an MDVIP member, you can opt-in to a family care plan that will guarantee that your loved ones receive the same level of care that you do. Dr. Osborn understands that family comes first, and he’s here to ensure that you can all thrive together.

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