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Spring Break Camp

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Spring Break Camp

The Center for Health and Sports Medicine is offering an Athletic Development Camp focusing on sports performance through our RISE Wellness Programs. Our Athletic Development programs are designed to develop athletes in all aspects of sports performance.

Here’s what you can expect out of our RISE Spring Break Camp


Spring Break Training Package                March 13th-17th M-F  $50 each participant

- Combination of Strength/Power and Speed /Agility Training

- Camp includes 1 hour each day, M-F

- Choice of session times 9-10am, 11-12pm, 2-3pm

- Each camp class will include between 6-8 individuals.

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Evaluation and Program Set up

-Our evaluation begins with functional movement screening and performance testing to provide us with information on how you move and your current ability


-Strength and Power training to develop fundamental weight training skill, incorporating functional movement and proper technique to develop a foundation for future development

-Speed and Agility training to develop the proper lateral and linear movement to improve overall athleticism


-We utilize a scientific approach based in the fields of sports medicine, athletic development, exercise physiology, and athletic training, all of which create a process for high performance.

-Combining over 30 years of experience with youth, high school, professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes.


Fred Burnett- [email protected]


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