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Are you suffering from neck, shoulder or upper back pain?

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Do you suffer from neck, upper back or shoulder pain?

If this sounds like you, your symptoms may initiate by what is called upper crossed syndrome.  Upper crossed syndrome is a forward head rounded shoulder posture caused from multiple hours of sitting in front of a computer, television, mobile phone or in your car during your daily commute.  This poor posture leads to overactive muscles(tight) and a complementing set of underactive muscles(weak).  This causes poor movement patterns, and in our technological heavy society, increased stress on the head, neck and shoulder joints.

The first step to improving any postural distortion pattern is being able to identify the condition. Our Staff at The Center for Health and Sports Medicine are trained at the evaluation and treatment of upper crossed syndrome.  If you are suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain we can address your postural and movement imbalances so you can return to your normal daily activity pain free.

When performing your own workout routine, attaining and maintaining ideal posture is paramount to a safe and effective program. In order to address postural or movement imbalances, the less-than-ideal posture has to be identified and a corrective exercise strategy developed. Our staff with RISE implements these corrective strategies into all of our clients exercise programming.  Below are a few examples of exercises and stretches to combat upper crossed syndrome.

Chin Tuck – Perform 15 Reps, hold for 5 Secs








Scapular Retraction – Draw Shoulders down and back squeezing scapula together.  Perform 15 Reps, hold for 5 Secs





Door Way Stretch – Hold for 30 secs








Lateral Neck Flexion Stretch – Hold for 30 Secs

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