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COVID-19 Update

The Wellness Center facility is currently open to all members. Our existing membership cap allows Wellness Center users to better maintain social distancing, while additional sanitization and cleaning efforts are being executed above and beyond our already-stringent protocols.

The Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that functions at the core of our wellness program, The Ethos Project. Offering many of the amenities typically found in high-end gyms, the Wellness Center also blends clinical, educational and nutritional programming in order to serve all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. We are the only non-hospital facility to offer programs of this caliber in Northeast Florida. With biometric testing, integrated technology and medically-based exercise, The Wellness Center is the ultimate training solution for individuals looking to feel, perform and be their best.

A Whole-istic Approach

Taking care of yourself means more than simply hitting the gym. We believe in a comprehensive whole-body approach to physical wellness – this means understanding how your body operates, what makes yours individually unique, and ensuring that your wellness plan is tailored specifically for your own biometrics and goals. We incorporate your medical history and physical condition into the design of your program, embedding corrective exercises to avoid injury, maintain flexibility and protect joints for a lifetime of well-being. Using the power of health to empower people, our whole-istic approach will not only improve the way you exercise, but can also help improve sleep, nutrition, stress management and intimacy.

The Difference in Medical Fitness

Our medical background distinguishes The Wellness Center from traditional or non-medically based gyms. Marrying medicine, orthopedics, nutrition and exercise, our methods are guided by real science and meant to incorporate the whole body. Our staff brings the most comprehensive level of expertise to create a plan that works, and keep you on track. Since our program is under the direction of a medical doctor and prescribed individually, many FSA and HSA insurance programs will allow contributions toward membership.

Integrated Technology

Our state-of-the-art equipment takes the guesswork out of your training. In addition to Hoist power racks, free weights, and medicine bands and balls, we use TechnoGym resistance machines that seamlessly integrate with your smartphone through the MyWellness app. Members can link their Netflix, Facebook and YouTube apps to their workout screens, as well as track their medically-guided workouts. The MyWellness key not only serves as your key to our 24-hour facility, but instantly transfers your workout summary to our physicians. Thus, corrections and adjustments can easily be made to your wellness plan you progress. The Wellness Center’s professional atmosphere provides more open space to move around, and we cap membership to ensure an environment that feels as good as it looks.

Individualized, Science-Based Workouts

At The Wellness Center, we take into account your body’s natural movements, test your basal metabolic rate, and use DEXA scanning to determine your body composition before developing your customized plan. Beyond a typical trainer, our professional staff understands the whole body interaction. Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to elevate your training, new to fitness, or needing to recover after an injury, our easy-to-follow workouts are scientifically-designed to accomplish your goals. Plus, our facility is one of the only ones in the Jacksonville and St. Johns areas to provide VO2 Max testing – the ultimate measurement of performance for discerning athletes.

Personal Health Coach and Programming

The Wellness Center is a cost-effective way to get premier, personalized wellness services. As part of our wellness program, members not only enjoy 24-hour access to our workout facility, but also get to meet with Wellness Center Director Peggy Hayes multiple times throughout the year. Nutrition programs incorporate a variety of factors and can be tailored to accommodate metabolic (diabetes) or cardio-related issues. We also offer twice-monthly educational classrooms on topics that complement a healthy lifestyle. The decision to live a healthy lifestyle is the most important commitment you can make. Whether looking to lose weight, rehabilitate, strength train, increase athletic performance, or simply have a truly personalized exercise program that is rooted in science and medicine, The Wellness Center provides the resources needed to help you reach your goals in a safe, guided and medically-supported environment.
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